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Who Is Wholistic Canine?

Wholistic Canine is a Sacramento, CA based  dog obedience and perception modification company. We use conflict-free methods following  Training Between The Ears methods mixed with a collection of skills we have gathered over our 12+ years of training. Our goal is to determine the root cause of your dog’s behavioral issue(s) in order to promote change in those unwanted behaviors, as well as teaching, your dog to think more optimistically, all while improving the bond with your dog.

Our goal will be to give your dog a new perspective on life with less fear, aggression, stranger danger, separation anxiety or panic which can cause undue stress.  We want to help build a dog with a positive perspective that seeks out relaxation, calmness, can handle grooming and vet visits with less stress, and can even begin to make friends with other humans and dogs.

Our training program uses reward based methods that promote a conflict free communication system with your dog. We will accomplish this through bridge and target training, as well as relaxation training. Together we can accomplish the quality of life you and your dog deserves.

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We Are Beyond The Typical “Local Dog Trainer”

We Don’t Just Emphasize Commands, But The Importance of The Relationship That You Have With Your Dog.

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Behavior Modification and Dog Training Services

We understand that no two dogs, or dog owner situations are the same.  We have a number of dog training options available to keep the availability of our services dynamic, but also flexible to meet your needs.

Phone Consult | First 20 Mins Free $25 for extra 40 mins

(1 hour max)

Are you a dog-savvy person and just want to have someone to chat with about your training ideas? Maybe you live outside of our service area? Does your work schedule prevent you from connecting in person? Do you just have a few questions and a phone call is all that is needed? Do you want to invest in training with us but aren’t ready to commit to a package yet?
If any of these or something similar sounds like what you need, contact us for scheduling!

Virtual Training | $100 Per Session

 (1 hour max)

Are you ready to implement some training but in person isn't an option at this time? Maybe you are too far from Sacramento or you want one of us to see what's going on without the influence of a “stranger” in the room or the “trainer” in the room. (We all know when the “teacher” is around no one acts up) This is a great cost-saving option and flexible on times for those in need of something different.

Private Lessons | Pay As You Go $150 | Per Session

1 Hour max training sessions in your home or an agreed-upon location to work with your dog. We will start with the first session by getting to know each other and creating a written training plan. All follow-up sessions will be to work on that plan. You can schedule in-person plans weekly or rotate between phone consults, virtual training, or in person.

*Packages are available, Check the link below.

Private lessons w/unlimited group classes $800-$2000

Training sessions in your home or an agreed-upon location to work with your dog. We will start with the first session by getting to know each other and creating a written training plan. These packages cover basic obedience (sit, down, stay, no jumping, leash walking) or advanced behavior modification up to perception modification using TBTE methods. Contact us to find the best package for you.


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