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Who Is Wholistic Canine?

Wholistic Canine is a premier dog training company specializing in obedience and perception modification. With over a decade of experience, we employ conflict-free methods, blending Training Between The Ears techniques with a diverse array of skills we’ve honed throughout our careers. Our approach is designed to address the root causes of your dog’s behavioral issues, fostering a more optimistic outlook and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Our Mission

At Wholistic Canine, our mission is to transform your dog’s perspective on life, guiding them toward a reality marked by less fear, aggression, and anxiety. We are dedicated to helping your dog achieve a state of calmness where grooming, vet visits, and new social interactions are approached with ease and confidence. Through our partnership with Paws N’ Play: Canine Community Center, we offer an enriched environment where these skills can be practiced and perfected in a supportive community setting.

Our Training Philosophy

We utilize reward-based training methods to establish a conflict-free communication system between you and your dog. Our programs include bridge and target training, alongside specialized relaxation training techniques. This comprehensive approach ensures that your dog not only learns but also enjoys the process, developing positive behaviors that last a lifetime.

Join Us

Together, we can enhance the quality of life for both you and your dog, creating enduring positive changes that resonate through every aspect of their behavior. Experience the difference with Wholistic Canine and Paws N’ Play: where every training session is a step towards a happier, healthier dog.

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We Are Beyond The Typical “Local Dog Trainer”

We Don’t Just Emphasize Commands, But The Importance of The Relationship That You Have With Your Dog.

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Behavior Modification and Dog Training Services

We understand that no two dogs, or dog owner situations are the same.  We have a number of dog training options available to keep the availability of our services dynamic, but also flexible to meet your needs.

Evaluation | $200 in home

1.5 hours

Evaluation in your home or an agreed-upon location to work with your dog. We will start by getting to know each other and creating a training plan for you and your dog. All follow-up sessions will be to work on the options that best suit you. Those options are either, Pay As You Go, for $150 a session, or a Package of $800 that includes 4 private lessons and a Membership with Paws N Play.

Group Training | $250 for 5 classes

This is the perfect option for a dog owner who is looking for some help to learn how to teach their dog basic commands.



-Leave it

-Leash manners

-Impulse control

-Waiting at thresholds

-No jumping on you or guest

-Greeting strangers

-How to Relax

Classes held at:

Paws N Play

5493 Carlson Dr Suite A

Sacramento, CA 95819

Schedule Here


Private Lessons | Pay As You Go $150 a lesson

One-hour training sessions in your home or an agreed-upon location to work with your dog on the needs we spoke about during your evaluation. This lesson is only available after an evaluation determines it's the best fit for your situation. The perks of a pay-as-you-go plan gives you the flexibility to schedule when our schedule aligns up on any day of the week. It does not give you access to any group classes. Those can be purchased separately.

4 Private lessons w/Paws N Play Membership $800

Once you have completed your evaluation this package is another option for training. Training sessions are in your home or an agreed-upon location. This package is best suited for someone who wants to strengthen communication with their dog and help with any behavioral needs, from basic commands to reactivity or aggression. It will include 4 individual lessons and a membership with Paws N Play.  Once your 4 sessions are completed you can go to a discounted session-by-session plan for $85 a session.


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